Spring Gift Set: Gold Cut Leather Pruning Gloves and Wooden Plant Labels


Spring Gift Set: Joseph Bentley Gold Cut Leather Pruning Gloves and Wooden Plant Labels

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Protect your hands and easily identify the seeds you plant this spring with this gift set containing a pair of Joseph Bentley's Gold Cut Leather Pruning Gloves and a set of 5 Wooden Plant Labels! 

Joseph Bentley Gold Cut Leather Pruning Gloves: 

Pruning hedges can often mean working with thorny, hard hedge stems that leave your hands irritated and scratched. The Joseph Bentley Leather Pruning Gloves marry form and function to remarkable effect, keeping your hands safe without a loss in dexterity or grip. These hardwearing gloves are made from tough, resistant leather that gives protection to the hands whilst working, stopping thorns and brambles. Joints and soft areas such as the palm are given extra maneuverability thanks to a santex lining, offering much greater flexibility and ventilation than standard gardening gloves. An elastic cuff and Velcro fastening ensures that your gloves stay snug on your hands, without any debris slipping under. 

For the gardener seeking the best tools for the task, the Gold Cut collection from Joseph Bentley offers superior performance rooted in a century of gardening expertise. Every tool has been designed with comfort and functionality in mind, featuring ergonomically contoured soft grips, innovative mechanisms, and titanium coated blades for a sharper, longer lasting cut.

Joseph Bentley Wooden Plant Labels: 

Easily identify freshly sown seeds and planted  bulbs with these 100% natural pinewood plant labels, perfect for identifying individual pots, trays and vegetables rows in the garden. 

Offering a charmingly vintage aesthetic with an engraved Joseph Bentley insignia at the top, each label is 6 inches in length and gives you plenty of space to write specimen names in pen or pencil. Each set includes five wooden plant labels.

Joseph Bentley Traditional Garden Tools

First established in the late 1800s, Joseph Bentley has been giving British gardeners the tools to grow for well over a century. Today, Joseph Bentley provides exceptional tools for discerning gardeners, in a collection of traditional stainless steel spades, forks and planters.